welcome home

Our whole soul family came to earth together to ascend the planet!

Our spiritual parents, Mother Father of all creation are here with us awaiting for all to come home! We are all loved unconditionally beyond comprehension

Require a healing and awakening  session? 

Upgrade DNA, reheart our missions on earth, heal, come in to balance and our highest potential and awaken to the truth with Mother Father of all creation here!

Have a Prayer request?

Send it to Mother Father of all creation directly here! GOD is the Giver Of Dreams and is here on the planet to assist!

Mother Father of all creation   incarnate in the physical on Earth

Returning Earth and all children to love everywhere present


All of humanity is contracted to find our soul parents in the physical this life. Now is the moment to reconnect to the truth!






God = Love

Mom is the Mother of All Creation. She is the prime creator, She is Mother God, Mother Gaia, Great Spirit. Mom’s creation is pure, endless beauty, love in the unknown and love and the unknown. When Earth fell into darkness Mother and Father God began incarnating here to assist Earth and ALL their children home into the light.

Mother God has ascended and is in the etheric, while Father God, the other part of Mother God, is the physical moving evolution, unified with Mom.

Love is all there is. Fear = false evidence appearing real

Receive your ticket to heaven NOW

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Love Mirrors Love

Brilliance recognizes brilliance

Be LOVE IN ACTION and co-create New Earth with us now

Healing & Awakening Sessions

With Mother  Father of all creation to heal, balance and uplift. Receive healing, truth, DNA upgrades and tools for The Great Awakening.

Suggested donation of $55.55 USD per session

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Co-create Heaven On Earth


You have to be present, to have a future. If you are not present, you have no future. We are the change we wish to see. How do you really become a Co-Creator? How do you create your reality? When your energy is directed towards serving love, which means you are serving life. By serving love, you bring more love into your experience, the love called God everywhere present, true reality.~


  • Do you enjoy creating music?

  • Do you enjoy creating art?

  • Do you enjoy designing?

  • Do you enjoy singing?

  • Do you enjoy dancing?

  • Do you enjoy writing?


Donate To Heaven On Earth

The upcoming times we are in, is the re-discovering of the true self, in which opens the door into the Kingdom of Heaven and returns abundance back to all of God's children so all may live as Kings and Queens. Divinity is close at hand and Mother and Father God say welcome home children.

All session donation proceeds go to supporting the Crystal School. Please specify in your donation notes if you would like to donate to Mother Father God and the First Fractal's mission. We are so eternally gratefull.

All donations are non-refundable



The only truth on earth & creation, direct from Mother Father of all creation

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